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January 21, 2011


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Michelle Sidles

I'll be interested to hear more of your thoughts. I find this Green Dragon idea so bizarre.
I remember doing a bible study years back that talked about the difference between dominion and domination. That really stuck with me.

The quote above about excerpting the Creator from the creation is so compelling.

Tana Young

In this video, Christianity is linked to the doctrines of capitalism and privatization. A recent book, entitled, THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, by Naomi Klein, explores the "myth that the global free market triumphed democratically ... during world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades." Klein reveals "that America’s 'free market' policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries." It's not so surprising that a religious veneer has been placed over the corporate aims of privatization. Where there was once public services, formerly accountable to the people (i.e., the voters), there is now the move toward the privatization of all services, and voters have become merely consumers, who get no real say. Money and greed control this argument.


A man could aspire to heaven with his mind and his heart while destroying the earth, and his fellow men, with his hands.


I was taught to hate "the world" in more ways than one.

After all, "it's passing", "fallen" and "cursed".

I almost got the notion that the faster we could destroy this God forsaken hellhole, the faster Jesus would descend from the sky in his new Jerusalem Spaceship and land somewhere in Tejas.

--- shouldn't post so late... I get myself in trouble this way :O

nancy goodwin

Disturbing. And I'm not just talking about the presenters' suits.

I kept hearing Christianity = freedom to live the way we want. What is that?


To be honest, I wrote my previous comment before giving the video a chance. I decided to watch it.

I started having flashbacks.

The video backdrop is an invisible war of demons against angels. Anything "global" equates to the ushering in of the antichrist. Anything good can also be "a wolf in sheep's clothing". If man does something good for man, it could very well be humanism. Satan is using environmentalism to brainwash the planet so he can pave the path for his antichrist.

You also hear several remarks of their slippery slope thinking, for example: environmentalists claim if you get in a family car, you are killing the poor. This is because these guys practice the scripture "guard your mind"... and know how to joust with the demons.

I think the Republicans were the ones to capitalize off of this sort of stuff, and I've always thought there was some conspiracy where the Republicans actually used these guys for their political ends.

Now, I'm not so sure. It all seems so nuts. Obviously, I'm deluded.


And so now the scripture where it says something like "there were some in that day, even the elect, who would fall away... believing in the philosphies of man"

Dude, you can't even know... I went through the ringer... and it's still tangled up.


One more comment. The most striking thing to me was when one of the speakers was at the podium in front of a crowd. It's not just a bunch of wackos speaking. There is a crowd listening and believing - fervently, religiously. Makes me sad, really.


What if this whole reaction boils down to this - How does one reconcile a person who doesn't believe in Jesus doing something good?

If only God can do good, and these don't claim to know God doing something good, then it can't be trusted. If lots and lots of people who don't claim to know God are doing the same good thing, then it is quite possibly a global threat i.e. antichrist.

The reason I mention this is because it looks as though straight out evil, like war and stuff, can be disregarded because it is well understood to be simply bad... but good... now that is scary. It takes quite an imagination to understand this threat.

As it says, the antichrist will claim to bring peace and deceive many like myself.

Peace, Bro. I'm off to get my 666 tattoo. Where is it supposed to go? There's a lot of discussion about that: forearm or forehead. I've got it! I'll put it on both places that way I can't go wrong.


Not to freak you out Keith, but this was my 666th blog post on the blog. Cue the foreboding "Resisting the Green Dragon" music.


I am so thankful that I grew up away from all that nonsense so that I can just embrace Jesus and my understanding of Him can change and grow and I don't feel like I am choking on the mess of my brainwashed past.

Craig and Nancy - I am so looking forward to this book! I ordered another book on how to be a locavore. I am very concerned with ending world hunger and I am excited to understand this as another piece of the puzzle...I am such a consumerist and so wasteful...I really want to change.


To get to the bottom of this without having to backward mask your sermons... I descrambled your name:

Craig Goodwin ->
Criag Godowin ->
Cirago Godwin ->
Ciargo Godwin ->
Ciwargo Godin ->
iwargo GodinC ->
iWarGo GodInc ->

iGoGodWar Inc.

This is most definitely Apple's global antichrist corporation.

Taking a bite from the apple... Didn't learn the first time did you. The internet - the thirst for the tree of knowledge.

I'm on to you.

carol sanford

What disturbs me more than anti-green Christians are anti-green Christian politicians like James Inhofe, Jim DeMint, John Ensign, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Enzi, Tom Coburn, Sam Brownback, John Thune, and of course, the inimitable, Sara Palin.

Thanks to the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United Decision," millions in corporate contributions have poured into these and other right-wing conservative Christian politicians' coffers.

Koch Industries, one of the worst polluters in the country according to watchdog groups like SourceWatch, gave millions and millions of dollars to these and other hard-right and tea-party candidates who now control the House. Now that the House has voted to repeal "Obamacare," their leaders say they will take aim at environmental regulation.

As I write this, the Koch Brothers are preparing to host/have hosted a posse of billionaires and politicians, including many of those named above, at their compound in Rancho Mirage to strategize the dismantling of federal regulation of EVERYTHING, including most prominently, environmental protection and regulation.

This is all in the name of free enterprise, of course. Other prominent conservatives invited to the Koch's retreat include Paul Ryan, who authored the House Budget, Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour, both presidential aspirants, and Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Scalia.

The brothers Koch oversee a multi-billion dollar enterprise with interests in gas and oil refining, factory farming, fertilizer, chemicals, and more. These uber-libertarians have fought environmental protection for years, funding, among others, climate change skeptics at the Cato Institute, the Astroturf Group, 'Americans for Prosperity,' the group that wrecked such havoc during the healthcare debate last summer and others too numerous too detail here. (See Jane Mayer's New York Times piece on the Koch Brothers for greater detail.)

Among their other misdeeds, the Koch Brothers funded the 'swiftboating' of John Kerry.

I could go on about these guys, but you get the point: the nexus of power between anti-environment corporate dollars and anti-green Christian conservative politicians and groups does not bode well for environmental policy: their influence will be felt for generations to come.

Craig, as a Christian leader, your voice is desperately needed to counter the damage these professed Christians have done and will do.

Although I am not a Christian, my limited understanding comprehends the Great Mystery at the heart of all things, and from this perspective, send you my humblest of blessings for speaking out on this issues.

With love,

Auntie C.

carol sanford

correction to what I wrote: . . . my limited understanding perceives the Great Mystery . . .

Jenny A.

Hey! I discovered your forthcoming book and blog here last week and was back today to take a longer look. Book looks great and appreciate your writing here. Which book or essay did the Berry quote come from? Felt like I'd read it before but I can't remember where.



Glad you found your way to the blog and book. The quote comes from the essay "A Secular Pilgrimage" that is included in the book, "A Continuous Harmony." http://www.amazon.com/Continuous-Harmony-Essays-Cultural-Agricultural/dp/1593760140

Hoping to get part 2 of this post up tomorrow.


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