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April 07, 2010


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I like "Craig's anecdotal, simplified companion planting plan," Craig. But, your link to a more complicated one - doesn't work.

A lot of that complication is imagined, I suspect. As far as one plant "loving" another, it is probably more of "tolerating" like having a little brother around when we are growing up. Maaaybe there is something extra to share but mostly, he's in the way.

I thought marigolds helped with root nematodes . . .

A vote in favor of fennel: When those guys bloom, oh my, you'll get the bees!! All kinds of bees, including yellow jackets and hover flies. Don't be batting away those 2. The wasps will carry off your cabbage worms and the hover flies will take care of some of those aphids for you.


Got the link fixed Steve - thanks for the heads up. I'm willing to give Fennel another try but I read somewhere that it doesn't like to play with others in the garden.

Isaac Bubna

Hey Craig,

It's been awhile, but this is Isaac Bubna I helped you put on that conference at Whitworth a couple of years ago.

I love the blog. My wife and I have used it as a resource for our garden. We started it last year and had great success.

We had fennel in our garden last year. We had it planted in the center of the garden in its own bed. The nearest veggies were gourds, corn, and squash... they didn't seem to mind the fennel at all. We let the fennel flower and were extremely impressed with how well it attracted bees, wasps, and bumble bees. So I would recommend trying it again.

I'm going to try borage this year... did you just plant it everywhere? such as in the corner of your garden beds? That's what we did with marigolds last year, but I want to try the borage also this year.

Thanks for the great info on the blog.


Isaac - I met with Dave Wilkinson last week and your name came up.

As far as the borage goes I just intersperse it around the garden kind of like the marigolds. I do the same with nasturtiums. The borage and nast. can get pretty big if they have lots of sun and water so just keep that in mind. I'll plant a couple of fennel and see how it goes this summer. Great to hear from you and good luck with your garden this summer. Send me some pics and I'll post them as part of the View from Your garden series.

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