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July 04, 2008


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That is just too cool. Good for you guys. My husband and I are already talked about the garden design we want for next year---straight rows are so 1950s. :)

Caroline G

I love this design! I'm thinking about doing the same with my backyard in Salt Lake City. It seems silly to waste water on green grass when you could have a luscious fruit and vegetable garden. Great job! You've inspired me.


Wow, that's great! I'd love to have a garden like that some day. I'm reading your book right now and enjoying it immensely. I like the intertwining of sustainability and Christianity for what is Christianity but sustainability at all levels of what God's given us? It is especially sustaining the faith and love of God and the life, death and resurrection of His Son!

Is there somewhere to sign up to receive an email when you have a new post or to get the new post by email? Maybe I'm just missing it.

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